This Flu Season Is Hitting Children Hardest

New Mexico sees more flu cases than the national average

High flu activity reported by hospital

The California Department of Public Health has reported 70 deaths across the state from the flu since October, according to the San Luis Obispo Public Health Department. "For whatever reason, the environment and the community were more susceptible to B/Victoria this year", Piedra said. "They are close enough so the vaccine offers some protection", according to Lynnette Brammer, head of CDC's domestic influenza surveillance team.

Whether or not you get the flu shot, the best way to lower your chances of getting sick is to wash your hands.

"The flu is serious and can be deadly, which is why it is so important that people are receiving their flu vaccine", department spokeswoman Brittany Lauffer said.

"With Flu A, there's actually pretty good similarities between what's incorporated in the flu vaccine and what's circulating", he said, "for Flu B, the Victoria lineage, it's not as good a match".

More information about the flu and resources in Orange County is available here. As in past years, the similarities between the circulating H3N2 and its vaccine component are not as strong, but this does not necessarily mean the vaccine won't work.

Scientists try to match the vaccine to what is making people sick, but it's hard.

This flu season has been especially bad for children, according to CDC. But to some extent, it's a bit of a guessing game.

Seasonal influenza is a common respiratory illness caused by the influenza A and V viruses and spreads easily from person to person and can cause serious illness and complications, says Mark Daniw, manager of infection prevention and control at the hospital.

Flu activity has been high this season and continues to increase. "Almost every year, one of the viruses is not perfectly matched".

"It's not a flawless match, but vaccines are still the best bet to provide protection", he said.

Infectious disease expert David Cennimo at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School discusses this year's flu season and how you can protect yourself. However, CDC officials said the two types of influenza B are similar, so the vaccine should still be useful.

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