Stephen Amell Reacts To Oliver Queen’s Fate In Crisis on Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths: That Cameo and That Major Arrowverse Change

However, Schwartz also revealed that this is not the last we have seen of Amell on Arrow, as "he will be in the series finale" in some capacity, adding that it's now up to Amell and the other shows to decide whether the character should make any future appearances on screen.

Our Barry Allen met the other Barry Allen as he was searching for his friends and allies in the Speedforce, a place he didn't expect to meet an alternate version of himself, given that the multiverse at that point had been completely destroyed.

"Stuck in the Vanishing Point, the Paragons search for a way to escape".

Those hoping that Oliver Queen will again be able to miraculously return from death for the final episodes of Arrow Season 8 will be disappointed.

This is, to say the very least of it, a big deal. The Superman from Brandon Routh still exists on Earth-96.

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In addition to Jim Lee helping out, it actually becomes known that Warner Bros. requested that Ezra Miller appear in Crisis On Infinite Earths, which may be hinting at a DCEU reboot. As many fans know, those episodes will be the final two episodes of the series that started it all for the DC Comics shows on The CW. But this one, in particular, felt huge. I called Eric Wallace who who is the showrunner of "Flash", and he called up Grant Gustin - because the one thing that was our only concern was the thought we didn't want to do it unless Grant was 100 percent on-board with it. Ezra is one of a kind. "In the Legends episode, [we] see just how much that affects Sara because he was the last person who knew her, the last tether to life - real life and not just time traveling [but the] normal world - and that's gone". And more importantly, how did they keep it a secret from all of us?

The information fits with what I was told at Comic-Con in that Crisis was wanted to connect all of the DC movies, TV and streaming services with the launch of HBO Max coming this Spring. Check out the clip from the episode for yourself, as well as the photo from Grant Gustin's Instagram.

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