SportsBeat KC: The craziest victory in Chiefs playoff history keeps hope alive

The Chiefs mascot had the most depressing reaction to the team's awful start

The Chiefs mascot had the most depressing reaction to the team's awful start

The Titans were the last team to beat the Chiefs, taking a 35-32 decision in Week 10. The Chiefs' fortune began to change for the better as soon as Penn got home. "Like I said, I'm very encouraged for this organization, for this team, for this city". I mean, I love that man.

"It was unbelievable being down 24-0", said Chiefs fan Seth Brody. "I knew that was going to happen'".

The Texans won their fourth AFC South title in five seasons and won their second playoff game under O'Brien, but failed to reach the AFC title game, which would have been their first appearance in franchise history. In all, the Chiefs scored 41 unanswered points and went on to win 51-31. Twitter users quickly dubbed Penn "Bad Luck Chuck".

That was the snowflake that triggered the avalanche, as the Chiefs proceeded to score touchdowns on their next seven possessions, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes seemed disappointed to have to settle for a field goal on the eighth.

While the Arizona Cardinals are not in the playoffs, their fans can certainly watch the two Sunday playoff games with the Cardinals on their minds.

"We coming back!" shouted an ecstatic Mahomes in a video posted on the Chiefs' official Twitter account a short time ago.

Kansas City will host the AFC Divisional championship game against Tennessee on January 19. "I'm gonna stay out of it".

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