Sony's Vision S electric auto is the surprise of CES 2020

Sony Vision-S is a surprise car showcase of automotive tech

Sony's Vision S electric car is the surprise of CES 2020

If you thought Sony's "big announcement" at this week's CES 2020 would be about the Playstation 5 console, think again - the Japanese tech giant has launched its first-ever auto. Will Magna let other companies build their prototypes or reference cars on the platform?

It's an electronic concept sedan auto by Sony with magnificent features in it. Sony's Vision-S 3 has 33 different sensors inside and outside of the vehicle, with multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio, and always-on connectivity, with some pieces coming from industry players like BlackBerry and Bosch. Current-generation sensors used in self-driving cars are not only bulky but expensive as well. And rather than be a new product lineup for the electronics conglomerate, it seems like the Vision S is Sony's way of showcasing just how it can make components for the cars that actual automakers will be assembling in the coming years. On a side note, Sony has equipped the vehicle with an absurd amount of entertainment features such as 360 Reality Audio and each seat having its own speakers.

The dashboard, other than providing all the driving information you might need, is essentially a full-width display with a second panel available in the center console.

While it doesn't appear that the organisation has any plans to get into the automotive industry, it clearly intends to sell its technology to more established manufacturers. That includes cameras for driver monitoring and side mirrors, but a lot of this technology is focused on what Sony calls its Safety Cocoon system.

Sony hinted that the Vision S prototype is created to be an "EV, ' or electric vehicle, and highlighted its 'adaptability" and continuous cloud updating capabilities. The aural experience is based around speakers installed within the car's seats, which then work with other speakers within the Vision-S cabin to create a personalised sound in any of the four seats in the vehicle. However, Sony seems to have taken an off-beat path and surprised everyone by showcasing its first concept electric auto. The seats upfront also have a panoramic screen with an intuitive user interface.

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