Remain Concerned Over Jammu And Kashmir Detentions, Internet Block

Diplomats Kashmir

Envoys from 15 countries to visit troubled Indian-administered Kashmir region in EU-boycotted tour

Important step. We remain concerned about the detention of political leaders and residents as well as internet restrictions.

She will travel to Colombo in Sri Lanka from January 13 to 14 and then head to New Delhi for the Raisina Dialogue from January 15 to 18.

Wells, who will be visiting India this week, added: "We remain concerned by detention of political leaders and residents and Internet restrictions. AGW", said the office for South and the Department of State's Central Asia affairs headed by deputy secretary Alice Wells in a tweet.AGW stands for Alice Wells.

On the visit, organised at the request of foreign envoys in New Delhi, Kumar said: "Our consistent position has been that any visit to the Union Territory of J&K by foreign dignitaries will be based on assessment by local administration on the prevailing security situation". Juster was part of a group comprising foreign diplomats.

The statement from the US State Department comes days after a group of 16 foreign envoys visited Jammu and Kashmir to get the first-hand efforts being made by the government in the Valley.

She will also meet with senior government officials to advance the US-India strategic global partnership following the success of the 2019 US-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue, and will discuss topics of mutual interest with members of the business community and civil society.

Diplomats from EU, Australia and Gulf were also expected to be part of the delegation but eventually dropped out.

The Indian Supreme Court criticized the continued closure of the Internet in the government-administered Kashmir region on Friday and gave officials a week to review the restriction.

In the same hearing, Congress members questioned the Indian narrative of imposing a curfew citing "security" concerns.

They said the tour was a desperate attempt by Modi government to show the world that all is well in occupied Kashmir.

Upper House Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad also filed a similar petition questioning the restrictions.

The highly militarized zone was locked down with thousands of additional troops with the political leadership imprisoned and a communication lockdown imposed days prior to the final decision.

New Delhi argued it was a "preventive" measure to avoid unrest despite the United Nations' 2016 declaration that internet is a human right. A lot of them remain in detention and the internet suspended.

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