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Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch in early 2019 | David Crotty Patrick Mc Mullan via Getty Images

Immediately the new year, programmed to strike right after all the Christmas music has left the charts, Bieber released their new solo single "Yummy", a quasi-R & B song about excited marital happiness.

Check out Twitter's reaction to Ricch's victory over Bieber below.

In 2018 for example, over 1,000 Spotify logins were claimed to have been distributed by the BTS fan "Army" to boost USA streams for the K-Pop superstars' album, Love Yourself: Tear.

Justin Bieber REALLY wants his new single, the mediocre "Yummy" to reach number one on the charts. Among other tactics, the post directed worldwide Beliebers to download VPNs which would allow them to cheat Billboard's American charts.

@justin bieber x @bts.bighitofficial???? Bieber's "Yummy" came in at No. 2.

Bieber was congratulatory to Ricch, taking to Twitter to send a sweet message to his fellow musician, "You had to go and make a banger smh!"

As music blog Genius reports, Bieber is also employing more Billboard-approved strategies to boosting his song to No. 1.

Internet users are actually believe that Justin Bieber, who has just unveiled the video clip "Yummy", would use the notoriety of the BTS to obtain more streams and sales... "Don't mute it! Play at a low volume and let it play while you sleep".

Listeners outside of the United States were also advised to download a VPN app and set it to the USA to boost the popularity of "Yummy" in the country. The guide, which was originally created by a fan edit page, instructed fans outside the "download a VPN app, set the VPN to the USA, and then create a Spotify account".

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