OnePlus Concept One teased with "Invisible Camera"

OnePlus Concept One Sketch

OnePlus’ ConceptOne smartphone teaser suggests groundbraking “invisible camera” and color-shifting glass technology

OnePlus has been working with vehicle company McLaren to integrate the technology into the Concept One.

For the past six years, OnePlus has been striving to share the absolute best in technology with the world, producing a total of 13 industry-leading smartphones. As well as getting a demo of the OnePlus Concept One, visitors will also see first-hand the next chapter of flagship excellence through various showcases including a 90Hz vs 60Hz comparison and a OnePlus Piano performance.

The video shows what is said to be a first of its kind invisible camera setup that magically disappears under the flush back glass.

OnePlus has announced new details of its Concept One smartphone, a prototype device that the company will be unveiling in full at CES 2020 next week. Otherwise, the electrochromic glass covering the lenses will remain opaque. This might be disappointing for some fans who expected a foldable smartphone from OnePlus, but the company wants to impress fans with novelty. But what's even more interesting is the illusion these cameras create of being Invisible!

Recently, in a small teaser, OnePlus shows parts of the Concept One smartphone, highlighting the essentials. The way OnePlus will have it work is that when the camera app opens the tint becomes clear to allow the lenses to work and then when the camera app is not in use (unsure whether the system will have to kill the app or just make it background) the glass over the lens will again become tinted, hiding the lenses. Before its debut, OnePlus has already flaunted the most innovative "invisible camera" setup of the phone through its Twitter handle.

The electrochromic glass in action. This electrochromic glass technology is expensive available inside the optional sunroof on the 720S for a whopping extra $9100.

According to Wired, which has published a detailed report on the "technology" that OnePlus could have used, the Concept One uses something known as electrochromic glass. The most talked about smartphone from OnePlus apart from the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is the OnePlus Concept One phone. But we are talking about a smartphone here and not a Boeing or McLaren, so the shelf life is comparatively a lot lower. Are you excited to see this kind of technology on potential future OnePlus devices?

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