Most US voters can't find Iran on a map, survey finds

US rolls out new Iran sanctions after airstrikes

President Trump: Soleimani was targeting 4 US embassies

Trump administration officials have justified the killing as an act of self-defense, saying he was planning military acts that threatened large numbers of American military and diplomatic officials in the Middle East. Iran, however, called the attack an act of terrorism, and on January 8 it launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq that house American and coalition forces.

President Donald Trump said that Iran "appears to be standing down" in remarks Wednesday morning, and said that there were no American causalities in the attack.

The survey was carried out on January 4 and 5, immediately after the killing of Soleimani, but before Iran's retaliatory airstrikes and its accidental downing of a Ukrainian airliner outside Tehran.

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Trump said he believed it "would've been four embassies" attacked.

The latest flare-up in the long shadow war started with the U.S. killing of General Soleimani, in an air strike in Baghdad on January 3.

The information helped confirm intelligence provided by informants at a Syrian airport that Soleimani had been on a nighttime flight from Damascus to Baghdad, the report said, quoting two sources with direct knowledge of the operation and other USA officials briefed on it.

Unlike the United States, which on Friday imposed new economic sanctions on Iran, the Europeans gave Tehran more time to avoid nuclear proliferation at its doorstep rather than begin a process that could lead to a reimposition of U.N sanctions.

On Thursday, Trump said Iran was "looking to blow up" the US embassy in Baghdad, without mentioning the three other embassies.

The White House briefed members of Congress on Wednesday.

"We're not going to have another Benghazi", he added. The Iranian covert operations officer has had a history of plotting and supporting attacks against American and Western targets not only in Iraq but all over the globe. While some lawmakers were satisfied with the briefing, others, including Utah Sen. I guess they would have been mad at Trump because he didn't do what they said.

Several Democrats, including presidential candidate and Minnesota Sen. Pentagon officials allegedly said the USA could go after Shahlai again, but for now, the focus remains on deescalating the situation in Iran.

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