Giant sinkhole swallows bus in China, killing six

A bus and several passersby fell into this huge sinkhole as it spread

A bus and several passersby fell into this huge sinkhole as it spread

Six people died, 15 were injured and another 10 remain missing after a large sinkhole swallowed a bus carrying pedestrians in northwestern China on Monday afternoon, according to China's Xinhua News Agency.

Footage shows people getting on and off the bus at a bus stop when it suddenly falls into the hole head first. It was not clear how many people were on the bus.

Chinese authorities are still investigating the incident. A total of six bodies were found and 16 people are being treated in hospital, the Xining municipal government said at a news conference on Tuesday morning.

As the surveillance footage shows, the bus had just pulled into the bus stop outside a hospital.

Some 1,000 emergency workers and 30 vehicles were sent to the site and investigation work is being carried out. Instead of attempting to rescue the victims, they had the holes immediately filled with mud concrete, showing total disregard for those trapped underneath who may have still been alive.

Sinkholes typically occur due to erosion or underground water, Conserve Energy Future reports.

The cause of the incident remains unclear.

While somewhat uncommon, sinkholes crop up from time to time in China, with one enormous 60-meter hole opening up in Guyuan city last September to devour a taxi cab whole.

The collapsing area is around 80 square meters.

In 2016, at least three people fell into a huge sinkhole in central Henan province, which swallowed a section of road and passersby.

In 2013, five people were killed when a 10-metre-wide sinkhole opened up at the gates of an industrial estate in Shenzhen.

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