France, UK, Germany to trigger Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism

An attendee wears a badge strip with the logo of Huawei and a sign for 5G at the World 5G Exhibition in Beijing China

The US has accused Huawei and other Chinese companies of breaching sanctions on Iran

Britain, France, and Germany had on Tuesday announced they were launching a dispute mechanism under the deal - known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - because Iran was not meeting its commitments. Tehran said the new move was a "remedial step" in line with the deal and that it could be reversed.

Iran's breakout time, the time it would need to produce enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon, is now falling, a matter of worldwide cause of concern.

"Iran's actions are inconsistent with the provisions of the nuclear agreement and have increasingly severe and non-reversible proliferation implications", the statement said.

Iran has been reducing its adherence to the agreement since President Trump pulled the US out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in May 2018, and announced last week it would begin enriching as much uranium as it wanted in the wake of the targeted USA drone strike that killed the commander of the Quds Force. Triggering the mechanism amounts to formally accusing Iran of violating the terms of the agreement.

The strategic aim for the United Kingdom, and our worldwide partners, remains as it has always been: to de-escalate tensions, to hold Iran to account for its nefarious activities, and to keep the diplomatic door open for the regime to negotiate a peaceful way forwards.

BRUSSELS (AP) - Britain, France and Germany have launched action under the Iran nuclear agreement paving the way for possible sanctions in response to Tehran's attempts to roll back parts of the deal, European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Tuesday.

European diplomats stressed the move was not being taken to reimpose sanctions, but to try to find some way to press Iran to come back into compliance with the deal.

The latest escalation in violence was summed up by the prime minister as the result of American concerns over the Iran nuclear deal.

The US continues to exert maximum pressure on Tehran. Iran's move comes in protest of the USA re-imposition of crippling economic sanctions. Hours later, Iran-by its own admission-shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing 176 people and prompting protests across the country.

He said: "The regime can take steps to de-escalate tension and adhere to the basic rule of worldwide law or sink deeper and deeper into political and economic isolation".

Britain, France and Germany on Tuesday began trying to pressure Iran back into the 2015 nuclear deal, threatening reimposition of United Nations sanctions unless Tehran lives up to the agreement's restrictions, the three countries, known as the E3, announced in a joint statement. "Or sink deeper and deeper into political and economic isolation", he said.

In a bid to keep the door open for diplomacy, the three said they were not joining the U.S. campaign to implement maximum pressure against Iran.

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