You can migrate your photos from Facebook to Google next year

Facebook announces data portability tool – move your Facebook photos to Google Photos

Facebook launches a new tool that lets users transfer image to Google Photos

The move is part of Facebook's effort to show it's giving users more data portability, but brands can benefit from this change, too.

Facebook notes that this is all part of a drive for data portability, and that the transfer tool is based on code developed through the company's participation in the open source Data Transfer Project (launched by Google back in 2018, with partners including Facebook and Twitter, as well as Microsoft and Apple).

The social network is kicking things off by making it possible to transfer data from Facebook to Google Photos. It's only a matter of time till more companies start adopting this new system so we, as users, don't have to deal with the hassle of manually transferring our own data. Though Facebook has long allowed users to download the data they've posted, the tool is a first for the company in that it easily transfers your data from one service to another.

With privacy top-of-mind, Facebook said the media transfer process will use encryption and password authorization before a transfer can take place.

Facebook said that as it worked on a new set of data portability tools, it had discussions with policy-makers, regulators and academics in the U.K., Germany, Brazil and Singapore to learn about which data should be portable and how to protect privacy. Facebook's now the subject of scrutiny from antitrust regulators anxious about its anti-competition tendencies.

Facebook says that this photo transfer tool is rolling out from today, although it's still being tested, and will be further honed based on feedback from users.

This feature has now been announced for Facebook. It plans to make it available worldwide in the first half of 2020.

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