People Dead, 3 Injured in South Dakota Plane Crash

Nine people died on Saturday afternoon when an Idaho-bound Pilatus PC-12 crashed shortly after takeoff in South Dakota.

Two minor children and the pilot were included in the nine who perished in the crash.

Three people were reportedly injured.

All people aboard the plane were from Idaho, Maule Rossow told The Washington Post.

The three survivors were transported to Sioux Falls for treatment, Rossow said. The Chamberlain area was under a winter storm warning and the National Weather Service said visibility was a small distance from the airport.

According to the NTSB on Twitter, it is confirmed that a Pilatus PC-12 crashed.

"The men and women of law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals should be commended in their heroic actions to rescue the victims in the extreme weather conditions", said Rossow.

Chamberlain and central south-central South Dakota was under a winter storm warning Saturday and Benton said planes were unable to land at Chamberlain at the time of the crash.

The Hansens were executives with Conrad & Bischoff, Kyäni and KJ's Super Stores in Idaho, East Idaho News reported.

A final report analysing the cause of the crash could take one to two years, but a preliminary report will be out within two weeks, according to Knudson.

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