Four-day total fire ban declared across NSW

The Red Rebels part of the Extinction Rebellion Australia demonstrator group participate in a climate protest rally in Sydney.-AFP

The Red Rebels part of the Extinction Rebellion Australia demonstrator group participate in a climate protest rally in Sydney.-AFP

Mullins said the summit would bring together people from all areas - including politicians, government officials, military, health professionals, firefighters, farmers, and Indigenous people.

"The commissioner and myself and the minister discussed this nearly on a daily basis, and we take advice from the experts because we know you don't do it lightly - it's only in extreme conditions".

"I didn't for the last one", she said.

To add to the fires' concurrence to populated areas, Rogers said crews are anxious about another front of the same fire creeping towards a coal pit in Springvale that supplies 10 percent of the state's electricity.

The deputy commissioner of the local rural service, Rob Rogers, said that none of measures taken by the fire service was working in the drought conditions. He warned that the people in these areas have no way out and will have to brace themselves for what is about to come.

"Just this morning, I became aware of a 3-year-old who had such a severe asthma attack that they were unable to speak".

The fire also caused power outages in about 450 houses in the area, the broadcaster stated.

A group of ex-emergency services chiefs announced they would hold their emergency bushfire summit at the end of the season as developments continue for deteriorating fire conditions.

More than twenty healthcare businesses, like the Royal Australasian College of Physicians - which mixes 25,000 doctors and students - published a combined news release on Monday, December 16, contacting the federal government to deal with harmful polluting of the environment associated with fires which have enveloped Australia's biggest city for days.

This fire will not be extinguished until significant rains fall across the entire fire ground.

"Due to this increased fire risk, a statewide total fire ban will be in place from midnight tonight until midnight Saturday night to reduce the potential of any further fires in the landscape".

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts Sydney CBD will swelter through 41 degree temperatures today, while western suburbs like Penrith will see the mercury rise as high as 45 degrees.

NSW Rural Fire fighters establish a backburn in Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales.

Dozens of structures were reportedly destroyed on Sunday.

Australia experienced its hottest day on record and temperatures are expected to soar even higher as heatwave conditions envelop most of the country.

Of the fires burning around the state, more than half are uncontained.

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