Emmanuel Macron Rips Trump's ISIS Braggadocio: 'Let's Be Serious'

By  Jens Stoltenberg  20 minutes ago

By Jens Stoltenberg  20 minutes ago

Trump has described Marcon's comments as "very, very nasty".

"I have not spoken to the president about that". "I do stand by [them]". It marked an abrupt turn in the once warm relationship between the two leaders.

But its future has been thrown into question - first by Trump's repeated scorning, but also more recently by a vagrant Turkey. A very large number of fighters you have on the ground. I could give them to you.

"If you handed [the NHS] to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it", Trump said.

"It's not yet done".

"I think we hit it off really well, we had a terrific time but she's a great woman", he told radio host Nigel Farage of meeting Her Majesty.

Macron was angered when Trump unilaterally pulled troops out of northern Syria last month, a move that Turkey saw as a green light for an invasion.

"And also, of course, Mr Erdogan's threat to undermine the collective security of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation by standing in the way of the protection of the Baltic states against Russian Federation, unless North Atlantic Treaty Organisation falls into line and supports Turkey's presence in northern Syria". The French president continued by saying the war against ISIS is not over, and that allied forces against the terror group must continue their efforts in Syria and Iraq.

Asked whether he believes that a compromise can be reached, Baranowski said he is confident, especially given that Poland has been traditionally supportive of Turkey.

"I like Turkey and I get along very well with the President".

He also said that during the flight he had read a newly issued Republican-prepared report on impeachment that called his decision to hold up military aid to Ukraine "entirely prudent".

Overall, Trump seemed to be attempting to strike a softer tone than earlier in the day and said that the the two leaders "have a minor dispute" on trade - just hours after slamming the the French President.

Trump said that the United States and France have done good things as partners, including combating radical Islam, and that he was looking forward to meeting privately with Macron.

Explicitly linking his complaint that Europe does not pay enough for NATO's security missions to his staunch "America First" defence of US commercial interests, Trump said it was time for Europe to "shape up" on both fronts.

Trump chided Macron after pressing France to accept more of its countrymen, echoing a frequent critique of the US' European allies. "I'm not going to let people take advantage of American companies, because if anyone is gong to take advantage of the American companies, it's going to be us. You just look back over the long period of time", - a snide reference to USA help that rescued France during the World War, although going even further back, France helped U.S. gain independence from British. "It's to prevent conflict by sending a clear message to any potential adversary that if one ally is attacked it will trigger a response from the whole alliance".

Trump and his wife Melania later visited Buckingham Palace for a leaders' reception hosted by the queen.

"I think it's very unpatriotic of the Democrats to put on a performance", Trump said.

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