Boeing CST-100 Starliner Returns to Earth With New Name: Calypso

Boeing Starliner soft landing

Boeing’s Starliner returns to Earth after glitch prevents space station rendezvous

"Rosie the Rocketeer, she lived in air conditioned splendor for the last couple days", he said.

The landing, which tested the capsule's hard re-entry into the atmosphere and parachute deployment, will yield the mission's most valuable test data after it failed to meet one of its core objectives of docking to the space station.

It was "not a schedule risk we were willing to accept", Boeing said.

Before then, Boeing is to fly another test flight, but with astronauts aboard.

Muilenburg is stepping down effective immediately, Boeing representatives said.

The agency "seeded" Starliner and Dragon under its Commercial Crew Program (CCP). The mission lasted with regards to 50 hours and included 33 orbits around the Earth, about 100 orbits fewer than deliberate. Since, the US has had to rely on Russian Soyuz rockets to send Americans to space - at about $81 million a pop.

Boeing will send the space capsule to Florida to facilitate data retrieval, refurbishment and analysis efforts in preparation for a manned flight test and first operational mission.

That deal also includes pay for six crew-carrying flights to and from the ISS.

NASA said Wednesday that SpaceX is expected to "reevaluate its target test dates in the next couple weeks".

The journey is being hailed as a major achievement despite failing to complete a core objective: docking at the global space station.

"Congratulations to the NASA and Boeing teams on a bullseye landing of the Starliner". The companies were given milestone payments to encourage the development of their capsules. This capsule is supposed to be recycled for the second flight with crew; each Starliner is built to fly in space 10 times.

With Boeing's Starliner, the space agency hopes to regain independent access to the Earth's low orbit. That way, engineers can capture the discomfort an astronaut may experience in the more violent phases of the flight.

The Starliner is a reusable spacecraft.

Boeing Starliner failure: Where is the CST-100?

As its space shuttle program was winding down, NASA looked to private industry to take over cargo and crew deliveries to the space station. The crashes, in October 2018 in Indonesia and in March 2019 in Ethiopia, reported a complete 346 lives. Between the two accidents, 346 people died.

This mission was crucial for Boeing and ULA to prove themselves worthy to carry astronauts to space.

Bridenstine eventually walked back that idea, saying that the Boeing teams were "working overtime" to ensure SLS is ready in time.

According to Jim Chilton, senior vice president of Boeing's Space and Launch Division, the issues during the test were a outcome of a timing matter which eventually led to the wrong positioning of the craft.

"SLS is the best and in fact the only option for [Exploration Mission-1]", Bridenstine said at a hearing of the House Science Committee Tuesday.

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