What Exactly Is "Stranger Things" Day?

Netflix Is Releasing Stranger Things Blooper Reels Because Netflix Loves Us

​Netflix Releases Blooper Reel in Honour of '"Stranger Things' Day"

In celebration of Stranger Things Day, Netflix has released a new video that features bloopers and amusing moments from the filming of Stranger Things first season.

Bloopers are here. We repeat, Stranger Things BLOOPERS. ARE.

All through the present's third season, Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) grows resentful of the budding teenage relationship between adoptive daughter Eleven, or "El" (Millie Bobby Brown), and her boyfriend Mike Wheeler (It's Finn Wolfhard).

Stay tuned to IGN for more Stranger Things Day reveals as they come, which will include even more bloopers!

The so-called holiday was announced on November 1, 2018 via a trailer released across the "Stranger Things'" social media platforms.

Are you excited to see Netflix's Stranger Things return? The Hellfire Club was also a real-life group of rich British people that existed in the 1700s.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

'From our first pitch meeting to the release of Stranger Things 3, the entire team at Netflix has been nothing short of sensational, providing us with the kind of support, guidance, and creative freedom we always dreamed about. For today, and only today, the limited edition ice-cream is available.

There still isn't a premiere date for the show's upcoming fourth season, but we do know that production has begun.

The episode will be written by series creators Ross and Matt Duffer. So check out the blooper reel for Stranger Things 3 above and be sure to check back later for the blooper reels for Seasons 1 and 2, which will be released by Netflix throughout the day. There's a lot more going on here, but that's for another time.

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