Weather: Thanksgiving travel could be disrupted by winds gusting to 45 miles per hour

NWS issues winter storm watch for Tuesday night

Weather: Thanksgiving travel could be disrupted by winds gusting to 45 miles per hour

The storm center will move across northern Lower Michigan, putting all of the the heaviest snow.

A storm early in the week on the west coast is set to move from southern OR and Northern California into Arizona and Utah by Thursday.

"Once it gets into southern California, it just really sets up there for a prolonged period of widespread rainfall and heavy mountain snow affecting not just California but much of the southwestern US, including parts of Arizona, Nevada, Utah".

Snow removal at Logan International Airport following a "bomb cyclone" the previous day on January 5, 2018 in Boston. Interstate 70 east of Denver is closed from Airpark Road to the town of Burlington near the Kansas border.

Chicago will have rain on Tuesday afternoon, then turn to snow on Tuesday evening.

Commuters, including those with holiday travel plans, should expect significant, lengthy delays.

In a stunning turn of events, the weather is expected to drop from the blisteringly hot temperatures that have refused to abate since July to somewhere in the 50s by Thanksgiving Day.

We have contacted American Airlines for comment.

See the attached video for details on where and when we expect the heaviest snow to fall. San Francisco and northern California, as well as mountain ranges, may see plummetting temperatures and snowfall. Snow is likely in our northwest zone and could be heavy at times. As of midnight, Fort Collins had already seen 14 inches of snow. And snow is even forecast for lower elevations between 500 to 800 feet in the Redding area and other parts of the Sacramento Valley. Another one will hit the Midwest on Tuesday.

One system started in the Northeast on Sunday, bringing cold and heavy rain, according to CNN. Eventually, Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin will get in on the action. Snow will end from west to east Wednesday morning, but blowing snow could continue into the afternoon.WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM TUESDAY EVENING THROUGH WEDNESDAY MORNING.

As a result, United and Delta have both announced waivers for some travelers impacted by this week's storm.

United Airlines announced on Sunday travel waivers for those departing from Denver now through November 29. Air travel could be affected out of Minneapolis airport. Most of the Midwest states will have highs in the upper 30s to low 40s for Thanksgiving Day, with dry conditions. Thanksgiving day will see a break in the weather and easier traveling on the ground and in the air. The wet weather is also expected to hit California and Georgia, USA Today reports.

Hurricane-force winds; blizzard conditions; heavy snowfall - and a "bomb cyclone" on the West Coast: those are the dire predictions of weather forecasters, who are warning Thanksgiving travelers to be cautious and prepare for delays, as two powerful back-to-back storms hit the western and central US this week.

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