US judge orders Iran pay $180 mn to reporter

Iran's telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi is interviewed by The Associated Press at his office in Tehran Iran. The U.S. Treasury on Friday Nov. 22 2019 sanctioned Jahromi over a day

US judge orders Iran pay $180 mn to reporter

Iran disputes that figure without offering its own.

The order filed by Jason Rezaian in the filed case came as the Iranian authorities appeared to start restoring the internet after a shutdown a week after the security crackdown on protesters, sparked by the sharp rise in gasoline prices set by the government.

Amnesty International said that it believed that the disturbances and repression had killed at least 106 people.

Despite these protests, the largest and most widespread since the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran and instituted a campaign of economic sanctions against the country, it's unlikely that the current round of demonstrations will threaten the continuity of the Iranian government.

Iranian troops and members of the elite Revolutionary Guards helped police quell violent unrest in Kermanshah province this week, Iranian officials said on November 23, accusing "U.S. agents" of being among the armed protesters.

Iranian authorities have remained tightlipped over the duration of the internet blockade, even though Jahromi told a news channel that it would be lifted "soon".

Facebook and Instagram did not immediately respond to a request for comment from AFP, while Twitter said that it had no comment.

Since Thursday, that outage began to slightly lift.

The U.S. imposed sanction Friday on Iran's information minister for what it said is his role in severing the country's internet during nationwide protests.

The restoration of the internet, slow on the first two days, sped up on Saturday, with observatory NetBlocks indicating that network data showed connectivity was up to 72 per cent of normal levels.

"Iran has become so unstable that the regime has shut down their entire Internet System so that the Great Iranian people can not talk about the tremendous violence taking place within the country", Trump tweeted. Before me, Iran ICT startups, Developers, Cancer patients and EB children were there.

The youngest minister in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's cabinet, Azari-Jahromi reportedly has presidential ambitions, according to Iran analysts.

"Approximately 100 leaders, heads and main figures of the recent unrest were identified and arrested in various parts of the country by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps", Esmaili said.

"The Rezaians presented evidence showing that Iran arrested and detained Jason to increase its bargaining leverage in ongoing negotiations with the United States", the judge said. "Iran is not a country you can play such games with".

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