Trump Says 'Probably' Release Transcript Of Other Zelensky Call

Republicans asked to submit witness requests in public impeachment inquiry hearings

Nunes demands Schiff testify in private as part of House impeachment inquiry | CLG News

One investigation was meant to paint former Vice President Joe Biden, who led the Obama administration's efforts to push Ukraine to crack down on corruption, as corruptly halting a Ukrainian probe of Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that put Biden's son Hunter on its board of directors in 2014.

(AP) Democrats must approve any requests submitted by Republicans and they are expected to reject the requests for Hunter Biden and the whistleblower to appear.

On Saturday, Republicans released a list of people they want to hear from.

Trump has repeatedly accused the Bidens of unspecified corruption due to Hunter Biden's role as a director of Ukraine energy company Burisma when Joe Biden was vice president.

A extra junior member of the committee, Rep. Rick Crawford of Arkansas, will step other than the panel throughout impeachment proceedings to make room for Jordan, Home GOP Chief Kevin McCarthy introduced. Nor will he let the hearings aid Trump's "effort to threaten, intimate and retaliate against the whistleblower".

At its core, the impeachment inquiry is based on what Democrats say is an improper quid pro quo - a "shakedown" - that Trump engaged in during his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesnkiy.

Trump said the second transcript would probably be released on Tuesday.

Ten words have triggered a House impeachment inquiry that could lead to the business magnate's ouster.

The two also spoke in April, soon after Zelenskiy won election. Trump's campaign believes this messaging is effective even for voters lukewarm on Trump, since many say they wish Washington would focus more on the issues important to them and less on investigations. "Who says you're in charge of Ukraine?" she said.

Hill, who was the National Security Council's senior director for Europe and Russian Federation at the time, and Vindman, a Ukraine expert who worked under her, said they took part in a July 10 meeting with Ukraine officials in Bolton's office in the White House.

Investigators enter a new phase next week when they begin publicly questioning witnesses after weeks of closed-door testimony.

- Ivanka Trump told The Associated Press Friday that the identity of whistleblower is "not particularly relevant" and "shouldn't be a substantive part of the conversation".

The lawsuit was filed in October by Charles Kupperman, former deputy to former national security adviser John Bolton.

There are filings making their way through the courts on whether the White House officials can be compelled to appear.

Rep. Adam Schiff along with other Congressman asked for Mulvaney to attend the Friday deposition. Both testified they were concerned Trump was inappropriately pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democrats. Nunes wrote that Republicans were calling the witnesses to testify in an open setting to "provide transparency to your otherwise opaque and unfair process".

The presidential polls in the United States slated in 2020 may still be some distance away but there are ominous signs for President Donald Trump's re-election bid.

Trump's daughter and presidential aide Ivanka Trump granted a rare interview while on a trip to Morocco.

With a Power Point presentation, McConnell outlined the process ahead if the investigation moves to a vote in the House and trial in the Senate.

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