This Switch Black Friday deal is better than Nintendo's own bundle

Best EShop Black Friday Deals 2019

This Switch Black Friday deal is better than Nintendo's own bundle

With the addition of a few games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield 5, the price jumped up above the £200 mark.

Overall, it's already turning out to be a terrific Black Friday for Xbox. Both young and old will fall in line or check out online prices to make sure they get the best deals.

This bundle deal gets you the latest Nintendo Switch with improved battery life and a free $25 promotional credit - ideal for snagging extra games or accessories. That complements the growing lineup of games opting to support cross-play, merging Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players into shared matches. So hey, why not do it while repping your favourite Nintendo characters while you're at it? U Deluxe are all available for $41.99 (usually $59.99). That's a savings of $60, a good 16% off. How about one that gets you one for just £129, and that chucks in some games for that super-low price too?

"Nintendo eShop features a vast library of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS games to choose from, each game offering expansive new worlds to explore, thrilling adventures to embark on and fierce competition to overcome". You can see a complete list of other titles that only work on the original Nintendo switch on GameSpot. While you're getting one of the best Switch games out of the box, you'll have to settle for the older Switch model with much shorter battery life. You can write your stories and weave your own destiny in this sandbox game.

It's just shy of 11pm Eastern and Black Friday deals for the Nintendo Switch is popping live across the web. You'll find the same bundle at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, the latter of which is also throwing in a free screen protector. They have definitely mastered open-world game design with Breath of the Wild. Have we made it clear that Black Friday deals are going to save you the most?

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