Texas woman attacked and killed by wild pigs - Sheriff Report

Christine Rollins 59 was killed in a wild hog attack

Christine Rollins 59 was killed in a wild hog attack

A woman died in Texas this week after a pack of feral hogs attacked her as she walked a short distance from her auto to a house where she worked as a caretaker for an older couple, police said.

Rollins had been caring for the seniors for a few 12 months and when she didn't present up for work, the 84-year-old house owner went exterior to go searching.

"No doubt in my mind that it was multiple animals and we can tell that from the different sizes of the bites", said Sheriff Hawthorne, adding that the homeowner's dogs appear to have chased away the hogs before Rollins' body was discovered.

"This is a very rare incident", the sheriff said, adding that the coroner said Ms Rollins bled to death after the attack by feral pigs. "But, in my 35 years, I will tell you that it is one of the worst things I have ever seen".

Anahuac is just over 40 miles (65 kilometers) east of Houston.

Hawthorne said that feral hogs move in packs in the dark and can frustrate farmers around Texas, but they are rarely violent.

The police said she arrived at around 6 am when it was still dark and had locked her vehicle but had been attacked before she made it to the house.

"Obviously, the feral hogs have taken over some of their family land", he said.

During a press conference, Hawthorne said: 'I don't want to go into detail. Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife officials said those traits "combined with their lighting speed can cause serious injury". Investigators suspect that when the caretaker got out of her auto and was making her way to the front door, she encountered the wild hogs.

"She touched the lives of many people around her, young and old", Rollins' grandson Marcus Sandles said. He was only able to find six similar cases throughout the country.

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