South Korean Singer Goo Hara Dead at 28

Super Junior’s Heechul Sets Instagram On Private Following Goo Hara’s Death

South Korean singer Goo Hara’s death exposes pressures of K-pop stardom

The singer had posted a tearful message on her Instagram shortly after Sulli's death, grieving the passing of her friend. Her lifeless body was found in her Cheongdam home, in Seoul. Mina, a member of the K-pop band Twice, backed out of the band to work on her mental health.

Goo's death comes a month after Sulli - a fellow K-pop star and her close friend - took her own life in October after a long struggle with online bullying.

At the time, she was engaged in a public dispute with her ex-boyfriend, who had threatened to release a sex video.

There has been a succession of suicides among K-Pop stars, with many complaining of experiencing depression and vast pressure in an industry that is driven by fandoms, where a certain pattern of behavior is expected. A court found Choi guilty of assault, blackmail, intimidation and destruction of property. Yonhap news agency also reported that the star had allegedly attempted to commit suicide earlier in May and was hospitalised for the same. She also mentioned about the pressures of being a celebrity and the difficulties that came with it. The New York Times reports that authorities are classifying her death as a suicide.

Followers mourning the 28-year-old's dying have flocked to her funeral house, whereas her colleagues cancelled their schedules and relayed condolences.

Another visitor laments the lost talent.

"You all have freedom of expression, but can you please look back on yourself before posting a hate comment?" she said.

Many Korean pop idols are experiencing depression and anxiety due to training, tight schedule, stalkers, and hateful comments, but through it all, everyone still expects these stars to fight it bravely and act like they're not affected.

"Stars have feelings. We are not dolls", she says.

K-Pop has unfortunately lost several artists to suicide in the past couple years.

"It is too cruel to demand that celebrities should be different".

They're supposed to be allowed to make mistakes, even show bad behavior sometimes. You can also text HOME to 741-741 for free, 24-hour support from the Crisis Text Line.

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