Source 2 SDK and mod tools to release alongside Half-Life: Alyx

Credit to Valve

Credit to Valve

Many fans of the legendary Half-Life series were enthusiastic about the news of the imminent release of the VR-game Half-Life: Alyx.

The hype is real for Half-Life: Alyx as millions of gamers around the world heard the news about this highly anticipated game. It's designed for the ground up for VR. The last game - Half-Life 2 -came out all the way back in 2004. Instead, the game is a sort of interlude which connects the events of the previous games. As our Index Controller prototypes started replacing our older controllers in playtests, we started seeing players able to play for longer and longer stretches of time, because they weren't required to hold onto a real-world object the entire time. Alyx Vance and her dad Eli uncover a secret that sees them end up right at the center of the occupation of City 17 by a "mysterious alien race" called The Combine. As huge as a new Half-Life game is, much of Valve's legacy has been built on mod support, a trend that will continue with Source 2. A generation of fans have been waiting for a follow-up to 2004's Half-Life 2-which has seen no updates since 2007-and Valve today (Nov. 21) finally delivered.

Half-Life: Alyx is a single-player VR spin-off, set before Half-Life 2, launching in March 2020.

All that depends on the reaction to Half-Life: Alyx, though. The $999 Index is already available in the United States and Europe.

The new game is set to be a flagship VR game, which will be comparable to other full sized games.

Half-Life: Alyx is due for release in March 2020, but is available to preorder now on the Steam store for $53.99. No, it's not the Half-Life 3 we might have spent years hoping for, but I'll take what I can get at this point.

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McVicker suspects that this early Half-Life VR demo was likely cut from The Lab in favor of building out a more complete Half-Life VR experience. On one hand, this could eventually create more lock-in for Valve since you can use other headsets purely through SteamVR without touching the Oculus or Viveport interface. It turns out that Valve has ambitious plans beyond the first draft over many years of Half-Life universe. More details on the game are planned for the Game Awards ceremony in December 2019. You can play Alyx as long as your PC meets the beefy minimum specs, a fact Valve touts on the game's landing page.

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