Most Players Are Not Ready for Half-Life: Alyx

Why Half Life 3 Should Never See the Light of Day

Most Players Are Not Ready for Half-Life: Alyx

To our knowledge, very few games have actually demanded more than 8GB as a minimum, with only outliers such as Fade to Silence needing 12GB in this respect.

That being said, there are a few games that have received some very positive attention. Whether you've played through the first two Half-Life games or not, it's hard to pass up on these two extraordinarily well-loved games at 90% off the sticker price.

Notably, "Half-Life: Alyx" will be released in March 2020. Most of us did not expect a VR game after so many years. While it is unclear when support will be available, it would seem that next week, at the time of the start of the new pass and the corresponding updates, it would be the right time to bring this game back into play.

While an argument could be made that Valve is limiting its audience with Alyx by not only creating a VR-only Half Life game, but also making it a demanding one, this could be the flagship virtual reality game that the platform needs to really kick it into mainstream. It will be an FPS game.

Well, these results might just have considered Valve's own decision to make a VR game. At the time of writing and through using's Steam Tracker it would appear that Valve has banned over 1000 individual games over the last four hours. The only reason I can think of why has Valve has made a decision to actually put this title in the market is because they actually have a corporation on the hardware side of the things, and I assume that they actually are planning.

And at any rate, on the GPU front, asking for a GTX 1060 or RX 580 isn't exactly demanding the world on the spec front, and many of those serious about their gaming - certainly those serious enough to be into VR and fork out for a headset as well - will likely have a better graphics card than this. Be ready for some cool things as you will be able to manipulate gravity in this game.

Steam has snapped: the Valve-ran storefront has swiftly removed over 2500 games from the service in a surprise Steam indie purge of content.

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