Meghan Markle will join Camilla Parker Bowles on a royal first

Kate Middleton took time off to care for George, Charlotte and Louis

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge wants one more child

According to the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge discreetly attended an evening "meet and greet" held for parents of children attending Thomas's Battersea where her son, Prince George, and daugther, Princess Charlotte, go to school.

Kensington Palace just announced that Middleton's next outing will take place on Friday, November 15, in Framingham Earl, England.

The programme also revealed Meghan felt she was struggling to cope as a new mum in the spotlight.

Care and support is provided by the charity to children suffering from life-threatening conditions and their families from Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Sources close to the Cambridge couple, however, said that Kate Middleton does her best to stay out of the drama. If you think was dramatic enough, the commercial also features a lookalike of Meghan Markle who is waiting in the auto for Thomas Markle Jr after his Buckingham burglary.

After Kate's five-day tour with husband Prince William to Pakistan, she has not undertaken a royal visit since then.

The royal couple have three children together.

In the ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which aired in the United Kingdom on October 20 and in the United States on October 23, Markle admitted that she had been struggling under intense scrutiny as a new mom.

An onlooker told The Sun: "It was lovely to see her [Kate] just being a normal mum shopping with her kids".

In fact, during a surprise visit to Luminary Bakery, which employs disadvantaged women, Markle also opened up about ditching royal protocol in an attempt to connect with people on a genuine level and spoke on finding comfort in connecting with other women. "I just couldn't believe it", the shopper told media.

Charlotte for example is "extremely confident and loves attention", while George is "more reserved", they said, adding that George is always looking out for his younger brother and showing signs of being an "excellent leader". Meghan has gone out of her method to assert her independence and do issues her manner, oftentimes on the detriment of Royal traditions.

"Meghan Markle sent me this video, she texted me and said what do you think of this, how great is this girl?"

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