Kristen Bell is officially returning as narrator for the Gossip Girl reboot

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Kristen Bell to Narrate Gossip Girl Reboot: She Is 'the Voice of the Upper East Side'

The drama series will be making its way to HBO's upcoming streaming service, HBO Max, in 2020.

Bell "appeared" in all six seasons of the CW series, giving voice to the all-knowing blogger who gave the show its name, as well as a healthy dose of connective tissue, and welcome snark.

The trio has said: Kristen Bell has always been and will always be the voice of Gossip Girl.

Bell was the iconic narrator of the original series created by #JoshSchwartz and #StephanieSavage, and now she will be joining the reboot that is set to air on HBO Max.

Show creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage had earlier confirmed Bell's return in a joint statement.

"We've reached out to all of them to let them know it was happening, and we would love for them to be involved if they want to be involved", the producer said. Now we can include omniscience back into Bell's checklist of powers, too, with Television Line confirming that the actress will be back again to fulfill narrator obligations on HBO Max's impending Gossip Female reboot. The new series was announced in July with a straight-to-series order.

Stay tuned for more details on the new Gossip Girl as they become available.

Anyone who joins the reboot can't quite compete with the greatness that was Gossip Girl's OG cast, and since there's no confirmation yet whether other Gossip Girl originals-like Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Penn Badgley-will make any appearances, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.

As previously reported, the new show will update us on the lives of big city teens.

The reboot has been described as an extension of the original series that takes place eight years after the original site went dark.

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