Intel-based PCs with MediaTek 5G modems coming in early 2021

Mediatek Inc. signage is displayed at its branch office in Taipei in Taiwan

Mediatek Inc. signage is displayed at its branch office in Taipei in Taiwan on Tuesday Sept. 11 2007. , Bloomberg

Apparently, Intel and MediaTek are becoming partners to bring 5G technology to new Dell and HP PCs. We can expect to see these products in early 2021.

Intel has to go this route - via a partnership with MediaTek - because its efforts to develop 5G modems stalled, putting it far behind rivals like Qualcomm, Samsung, and Huawei.

"5G is poised to unleash a new level of computing and connectivity that will transform the way we interact with the world". The announcement comes 5 months after the announcement that Intel is selling off its own modem and division to Apple for $1B. The capabilities 5G-powered PCs have to offer are limitless. The chip giant is teaming up with MediaTek to create 5G modems for laptops and other PCs that can benefit from an always-on connection. As mentioned earlier, the new 5G modem for PCs is based, in part, on MediaTek's Helio M70 5G modem.

The two companies are also working with Fibocom on the development of M.2 modules optimized for integration with Intel client platforms.

The agreement marks a small step toward a big change in the way computing is done, as 5G promises to revolutionize both the speed and availability of cellular networks, creating dense coverage with bandwidth comparable to current Wi-Fi standards and beyond. The Taiwanese chip maker will work with Intel to bring 5G support on Intel-powered laptops.

Intel is a leading brand in computing and this partnership is a pointer to MediaTek's expertise in designing 5G technology for global markets. Consumers will be able to browse, stream and play online game faster on their PCs. Intel, leveraging its position as the dominant supplier of PC processors, could help get MediaTek's silicon in more devices across than the company reaches today.

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