Instagram to test hiding 'like' counts on some United States accounts

Instagram to test hiding post likes in the US starting next week - news

Instagram to test hiding 'like' counts on some US accounts

So far, Instagram has been testing hidden like counts in seven countries, including Brazil, Canada, Japan, and others.

The expansion of the experiment to the United States signals that Instagram has been seeing promising results from hiding likes.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the platform will be hiding likes for its USA users as part of a company experiment to lessen the pressure of trying to accumulate endless likes, an initiative targeted specifically at the platform's younger demographic. Mosseri shared that the disappearing act of "likes" won't hit every region of the United States al at once, but the slow rollout is inevitable.

With the new move, an Instagram user will be able to see how many "likes" their photos or videos receive, however, the public will not.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who joined Mosseri on stage, said she thought hiding likes was a "great idea".

Speaking at the Wired 25 conference in San Francisco, Mosseri estimated there were about several hundred people in the audience and said some of them would definitely see their likes hidden.

Instagram will be looking at a number of things during its test, including how this change influences the way people interact on the platform, how it impacts creators and more. Likewise, you won't be able to see the like count on other people's content.

Mosseri said the test will begin next week.

Instagram influencers impacted by these experiments have told Business Insider that they are starting to feel the effects of this change on their brands because they found their posts getting much less reach than before.

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