How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Built Its Gut-Punch Moments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Addressing 725 Shotgun Due This Week

Free Maps and Hardpoint Coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tomorrow

Along with the new maps and new game mode, a patch will also be released that contains fixes and tweaks to issues like claymores as well as making changes to the way footsteps sound.

From the Twitter images posted, it's quite hard to see exactly what the maps look like, but it seems Shoot House is more in the vein of classic close quarters-style Call of Duty maps, while Krovnik Farmland is a more rural map - ideal for Ground War. The other great news here, of course, is that this update will be free for all players, on all platforms, at the same time.

"New Multiplayer Map - Shoot House".

Today sees the addition of a couple of new maps and Hardpoint mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer.

Hardpoint has been added to the official public playlist.

Another huge map which is coming free for all is Krovnik Farmland. The team's aim is to hold onto Hardpoint locations for as long as they can from enemy teams taking over the control.

Among the weapons changes, the 725 shotgun's damage range has been reduced along with an increase to ADS and hip spread. As well as, Fashionable Warfare can be receiving patch 1.07 within the subsequent few days "that improves stability across all platforms, fixes bugs, weapon tuning, footsteps, claymores, and more", although the precise patch notes haven't but been launched.

Content unlocked through the Battle Pass system are differentiated in the way they affect the overall gameplay experience.

According to publisher Activision's Q3 2019 earnings call (transcribed by MFTranscribers) published this week, the new CoD: Modern Warfare Battle Pass will launch this December, "slightly later than originally planned".

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