Amazon is giving Alexa emotions like excitement and disappointment

Amazon is giving Alexa emotions like excitement and disappointment

Amazon is giving Alexa emotions like excitement and disappointment

Starting this week, USA users will be able to enable Alexa to respond with either a happy/excited or disappointed/empathetic tone, the official blog notes. Amazon's tests have shown a 30 percent increase in overall satisfaction with the voice experience among users when emotion is added to the voice. Amazon announced that developers can have Alexa answer questions from US users with a "happy/excited" or a "disappointed/emphatic" tone. Currently, the pilot project is available only to users of the East and Midwest coasts who are customers of Giant Eagle Pharmacy.

The new feature allows Alexa to speak with varying levels of excitement and disappointment. Similarly, if your favourite football team loses the game, then Alexa expresses in a disappointed tone, stated a report. As part of that invite-only program, six healthcare organizations including Cigna and Boston Children's Hospital are rolling out new HIPAA-compliant Amazon Alexa voice tools enabling patients to check prescriptions and schedule doctor visits using voice technology.

Amazon on Monday announced Alexa Voice Service Integration, a new service of AWS IoT Core that enables the intelligent voice application to be produced on any type of connected device, like light switches, thermostats and small appliances.

These medication management features use multiple layers of verification to ensure that only the customer has access to their personal prescription information via Alexa.

Amazon's decision to roll out the new feature comes after the company saw that a large number of Alexa owners were using its reminder systems and other feedback features.

Earlier this year, Amazon developed a way for Alexa to detect when users were frustrated with a botched response to a music-related command, for example, that relies on measuring a speaker's tone and word choice.

The new feature is now available for developers only.

During some "blind listening" tests, respondents said the voice mimicking a news anchor was 31% "more natural" than the voice we now know and love, while the radio host voice was 84% more natural. You've likely heard that account of an Amazon Echos recording whole discussions between two clueless individuals, and Alexa sent that recording to an associate without the clients' assent.

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