United Kingdom set to hold early election amid Brexit deadlock

UK opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his residence in north London

UK opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his residence in north London

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying for a fourth time to call a snap poll for December, and looks likely to succeed after the main opposition Labour party said it would support him.

Like a continually delayed movie release, Brexit has been postponed again, with the deadline for the U.K.'s withdrawal from the European Union pushed forward three months to January 31, 2020.

Ultimately, voters would have a choice between an emboldened Johnson pushing for his Brexit deal or a socialist government under Corbyn renegotiating the deal before another referendum. Polls suggest that Corbyn's party might not fare all that well in this election and it is not necessarily in its interests for one to happen now.

Johnson hopes that an election will result in his Conservative party gaining enough of a majority in Parliament to allow him to get his Brexit deal passed and take the United Kingdom out of the European Union as swiftly as possible. And with the Prime Minister having failed to deliver his core mission to complete the divorce from the European Union by October 31, the door is open to Mr Farage to take votes away from the Conservatives. Parliament had rejected her divorce deal with the bloc three times, and the European Union had delayed Britain's scheduled March 29 departure - first to April, and then to October.

As it stands, Britain is not scheduled to hold a general election until 2022.

After Parliament refused Johnson his third demand for an election on Monday, he will try to force a bill through Parliament on Tuesday that calls for a December 12 election.

The vote came on the heels of lawmakers voting 295 to 315 to reject a Labour amendment for the general election to be held on December 9.

Johnson is mainly concerned about amendments that could be attached to his bill.

A new version of the withdrawal agreement bill is needed to be presented to the new parliament but that should not pose a problem if the numbers are there for Johnson.

Conservative lawmaker Tobias Ellwood said the proposals to expand the franchise were "something that I don't think the country has had a debate about, important though it might be". "I'm ready for it, we're ready for it", Corbyn told parliament. His electioneering will be a true test of his political nous.

Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden said December 12 was preferable because it gave lawmakers a few more days to finish up parliamentary business, and retained Britain's tradition of holding elections on Thursdays.

"It'll be a tough election and we are going to do the best we can".

He was unable to steer Parliament to agree on his newest divorce deal in time to go away by his hoped-for deadline of October 31.

Johnson's Brexit plan opens the door to much looser economic ties between Britain and the EU. He has accused his opponents of wanting to prolong the process "until the 12th of never".

Tusk, whose mandate finishes at the end of next month, also used his tweet to bid farewell to the British in his current post.

The strongly pro-EU Liberal Demcorats have been eating away at Labour support in Britain's big cities.

The three-day difference may not seem important, but a slightly earlier election means Johnson will not have time to push through his Brexit legislation before Parliament is dissolved.

Early UK 2019 General Election markets, see the Betfair Exchange price a Tory "overall majority" at 10/11, whilst odds of Labour majority are now priced at 23/1, trading at the same odds as the UK 2017 Snap Election.

Voters are tired of politicians from all sides after more than three years of Brexit drama, and all the parties are anxious about a backlash from grumpy voters asked to go to the polls at the darkest, coldest time of the year.

At the time, he said: "Labour needs to do more than just back a soft Brexit or guarantee a soft border in Ireland".

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