Stay in Goodyear Blimp going for about $150 per night on Airbnb

Book a stay in the Goodyear Blimp for $150 a night on Airbnb

Want to spend a night on the Goodyear Blimp? It’s on Airbnb for three nights this month

15, a couple of lucky fans can book a one-night stay aboard the iconic Goodyear Blimp for a surprisingly reasonable $150 via Airbnb. The package comes with a tailgate area, official gear and tickets to the Norte Dame vs. MI game on October 26. The price reflects the 150th anniversary of college football.

It was even named an honorary member of the College Football Hall of Fame this year, the first non-player or coach to do so. The booking does not include a ride in the blimp, which will be docked at Wingfoot Lake Airship Hangar in Mogadore - the world's oldest airship base, according to Goodyear.

How would you and your friends or family would like to stay inside a blimp? In keeping with the college football theme, the reservations include transportation to Michigan Stadium for the game pitting Michigan and Notre Dame, as well as food and drinks during the stay in the blimp.

The Akron-based tire company is listing its blimp on Airbnb for three, one-night-only stays on October 22, 23 and 24, leading up to the Notre Dame vs. MI game on October 26.

The Goodyear hangar, which is the size of 2.6 football fields, has been revamped for the occasion.

It's being hosted by Chief Pilot Jerry Hissem.

Inside the blue and yellow blimp will be a bed and a bathroom, as well as football memorabilia. In addition to sleeping inside, the stay comes with a football lounge where guests can watch classic rivalry college football games and a tailgate area.

Many sports-loving Americans can say they've spotted one of Goodyear's famous blimps hovering overhead at a football game.

To score a spot, Airbnb suggests fans keep their eyes on the listing all day.

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