Spectacular Untitled Goose Game could be coming to mobile

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Honk! Untitled Goose Game is Apparently on the Way to Xbox One

Untitled Goose Game painted the town red, and that's not a spoiler for one of the multitudes of ridiculous and entertaining pranks the bird will inflict on the poor souls attending to their allotments and relaxing in the pub.

Taking the form of a lone goose, Untitled Goose Game allows the player to be a general nuisance to a small village of people. It has been lauded by fans and critics, and now boasts a score of 81/100 on Metacritic.

According to Australia's ABC News, the indie studio behind the game is considering a release on other platforms. And that's exactly what it plans to do.

"We're trying to capture a non-gamer audience", co-creator Nico Disseldorp told Aussie news outlet ABC News.

A lot of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers are clamoring for the opportunity to play this game, so that should translate to good sales.

Popular on the Nintendo Switch, "Untitled Goose Game", may soon make its way to Xbox One and PS4. Cabel Sasser, the founder of Panic Inc., Untitled Goose Game's publisher, explained on Twitter that a mobile version would require some extra design work.

It had been announced today by developer House House that Untitled Goose Game has sold over 100,000 copies. That's pretty impressive for a game that started out as a joke that went viral.

In the meanwhile, if you're interested in being a frightful goose, you can pick up Untitled Goose Game now on PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch.

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