Noosa councillor in hot water over freaky Bachelorette appearance

Angie Kent is the latest Bachelorette

Angie Kent is the latest Bachelorette

37-year-old Jess Glasgow appeared on Channel 10's reality dating show last night, where he carried in a throne and dressed in red robes.

As well as telling Kent "don't mind if I get some wandering fingers", Cr Kent blasted another contestant for not kissing her.

"I'm truly sorry, this is despicable behaviour from me".

He said he would fight for his position on the council, and was not prepared to walk away over the controversy.

"Having now viewed last night's second episode of the program, I have spoken to Cr Glasgow and told him to seriously consider resigning from his position as Councillor on the Noosa Council".

"It was just incredibly misogynistic, crude, and highly offensive behaviour that was being displayed by Councillor Glasgow on the show", he told ABC Sunshine Coast.

Cr Kent later apologised for his behaviour.

"This is one day in my whole political career in Noosa that I made probably the worst judgment ever and I won't resign because I still hold utmost respect for Noosa, its community and its people".

Over the past 24 hours, he has faced calls to resign from Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington, who has described his behaviour on The Bachelorette as "misogynistic" and "highly offensive".

"You know, if I was out there bashing in heads and causing trouble and doing violence or being a criminal, this is where this kind of conduct and system comes in place". According to the contestants, Glasgow allegedly made female members of the Bachelorette crew feel uncomfortable.

Mayor Tony Wellington is one of the classiest, most honourable statesmen I know and in one fell swoop Cr Glasgow has brought attention on our region for all the wrong reasons.

"Only the State Government, through the Council of Conduct Tribunal or the minister himself, can take that sort of action", he said.

Cr Glasgow did confirm he won't be resigning from his councillor role despite Mr Wellington's recommendation.

"I believe that I haven't breached that conduct because I know exactly what I was there to do and I didn't intend to bring the council into disrepute". How he could not see that he would be portrayed as such is beyond me.

"Absolutely I cringed, it's not me at all, it's reality TV".

However, he said he "sincerely" apologies, adding that he "never meant those words to come out that way".

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