Matt Lauer allegedly had relationship with NBC reporter

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Matt Lauer allegedly had relationship with NBC reporter

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton was so alarmed by a White House-linked effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats, he told aide Fiona Hill to alert the National Security Council's chief lawyer, Hill told House impeachment investigators in her 10-hour deposition on Monday, The New York Times andThe Wall Street Journal report.

Matt Lauer exposed himself to Today program producer Melissa Lonner back in 2010, Ronan Farrow's new book claims. So why didn't NBC News choose to facilitate it?

Former NBC host Megyn Kelly is recognizing some of the women whom she described as "forces for good" in the Matt Lauer allegations.

NBC News President Noah Oppenheim wrote a memo to staffers Monday that did not use Lonner's name, but said she left the company three years after the incident, was paid 22 weeks of severance, and was asked to sign a standard separation agreement with a routine confidentiality clause that was "not drafted to prevent an employee from reporting misconduct, and. has never been used that way".

"I am not afraid of him now", Nevils said.

Oppenheim seemingly timed the release of his memo to Farrow's appearance on a rival network, "CBS This Morning", on Monday. "One year ago, I resigned from NBC News because they ordered me to stop reporting on Harvey Weinstein, and I did not believe that they had been truthful with me or Ronan", he wrote in an essay for Vanity Fair last Friday.

That is, ultimately, the decision that most befuddled people who weren't directly involved.

Farrow had interviewed Nevils for his book with Nevils saying that Lauer anally raped her.

"I feel absolutely awful that these three employees were subjected to Matt Lauer's horrific behavior, but the facts do not support Farrow's allegation of a 'cover-up, ' and he offers no further evidence", Oppenheim wrote.

NBC News President Noah Oppenheim responded to the new allegations: "By her own account, Curry relayed no specific complaint, nor did she say Lauer " s "problem' regarded any specific workplace misconduct..."

"The DNC needs to make it clear that they support survivors of sexual abuse and cancel the upcoming 2020 Democratic presidential primary debate on MSNBC until Comcast and NBC News take clear steps to clean up the toxic culture that exists across their networks", Shaunna Thomas, the co-founder and executive director of UltraViolet Action, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Farrow also hit back at part of the memo that alleged he has an issue with NBC News.

Nevils, he reports, signed away her right to speak critically about NBC News management when she left the company previous year. Farrow and McHugh pursued other sources and, they soon learned, so was the Times.

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