Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau makes stop in Waterloo Region

Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau comes from a glamorous political family

Canadian Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau comes from a glamorous political family

"Let me just double-check", she said, unfolding her ballot to take a peek - much to the delight of her husband - before the pair cast their ballots together. One of the few isolated incidents were tensions and brief clashes between far-left Antifa activists and others occurring at a rally for populist People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton, Ontario. "We're going to fight a Conservative government, we're going to fight it all the way".

Trudeau also visited Cambridge earlier on Monday. It noted that that figure was an estimate because not all polls had reported, and it hoped to have a detailed breakdown by province, territory and riding later this week.

The Liberals have repeatedly invoked his name in their attacks on Scheer, accusing the federal leader of wanting to carry out a similar agenda that would result in service cuts.

Scott Reid, the former advisor to Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin, commented on the performance saying: "In Quebec, you see the Bloc Québécois coming on like gangbusters". Usually, a minority prime minister rules by putting forward budgets and legislation that gets support from one party or another.

"I'm proud of the fact that I'm ready to fight Conservatives no matter what, and however I can".

Nor would Scheer say which party he would turn to for support if the Conservatives win a minority, saying only that he is campaigning for a majority. "The majority of Canadians want a progressive government".

Singh is attempting to neutralize the Liberal fear factor by promising that even if Scheer's Conservatives end up winning the most seats but not a majority, the NDP would "absolutely" work with the Liberals, Bloc and Green party on a coalition government.

"We're not going to support a Conservative government", Singh said on Sunday. Trudeau posited in Fredericton.

When asked about the prospect of forming a coalition with the NDP, Trudeau dodged the question and suggested the NDP would rip up the new NAFTA deal under this proposal.

Q: But, even in that scenario, wouldn't it be customary to give the party with the most seats a chance to prove it can with a confidence vote, even if that looks like a long shot?

"And Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are not supportive of the protections we were able to get for our workers, for steelworkers, for aluminum workers, for autoworkers right across the country".

Singh spent the day campaigning in Canada's biggest city, targeting two ridings the NDP narrowly lost to the Liberals in 2015: Layton's old riding of Toronto-Danforth and Parkdale-High-Park, the riding formerly held by Peggy Nash. He reiterated his position that the Liberals have done more to fight climate change in the last four years than any previous government.

"I'll leave it to others, and pundits and analysts to speculate". "I hope he's encouraging people to vote for me because that's the real progressive alternative for people", he said. "We can win and we can make sure that your life is better". "We are going to fight it all the way", he said.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer carried on with his "100 Day Action Plan" campaign theme Tuesday, promising to negotiate an interprovincial trade agreement with the premiers to eliminate internal trade barriers that he said stand in the way of prosperity. The federal price is refunded to most households in the form of a rebate at tax time.

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