League of Legends Mobile release date


Image via Riot Games

Riot is however exploring the possibility of cross-platform play between the mobile versions and the console versions of the game.

A game that is getting a port is its eight-player Auto Chess battler Teamfight Tactics. It will be coming to PC, iOS, and Android. Pre-registration will open on October 15 on the Google Play Store. Another incredible fact is that League of Legends is bigger than the top 10 games on Steam... There will also be another testing period in November, but Riot does not have a window scheduled yet. Instead of just giving players some celebratory in-game items, Riot Games chose to host a stream that detailed what it has been up to for the last few years.

The League of Legends fighting game, codenamed Project L, was confirmed in August, but we didn't know anything about it aside from it being a fighting game developed by Riot. LoL Esports Managers will be an ongoing game, and Riot announced a revenue-sharing plan with featured pro teams, which seems to suggest real players and their data will be used for the Esports Management sim.

Riot Games' official website said the title will be released in 2020, though Tencent declined to comment on specific timing for beta testing and official launch.

Each match sees you in possession of a single champion card, which can level up and gain new abilities as the match advances. The game is set on a future Earth and promises to have a lethal cast of characters. Now, we finally have our first peek at the game in action, but updates are likely to be less than forthcoming for a while, as the game is in early development. It did, however, have some screenshots to show off (above). During the livestream, Riot says that it's focusing hard on combatting PC and network-related issues like picker's choice, low ping, and cheaters. The video also shows how Riot Games plans to remedy numerous problems fans have had with the genre.

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