Joe Biden calls for President Trump to be impeached

Trump’s ‘extraordinary preoccupation’ with Biden isn’t subtle
   10/08/19 11:12 AM—Updated 10/08/19 11:45 AM

Trump’s ‘extraordinary preoccupation’ with Biden isn’t subtle 10/08/19 11:12 AM—Updated 10/08/19 11:45 AM

The Biden campaign made a big splash of a speech delivered in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

Biden said Trump is "shooting holes in the Constitution" by asking foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 election. "He's laughing at us". Whether he did or didn't do anything wrong - and there's no proof that he did - President Trump keeps bringing that up, is there an optical problem for Joe Biden because he son was in a position to be making a lot of money from a company that was in a foreign country? According to the former Secretary of State, neither former Vice President Joe Biden, or his son, Hunter, did anything wrong in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden's role in Ukraine, as a paid board member of the energy company Burisma, has also been highlighted by some, including Trump.

Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump after a whistleblower's grievance revealed Trump pushed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to start an investigation into the Bidens.

Numerous 19 Democratic candidates seeking to take on Republican President Donald Trump in next year's election have spoken about the need to address racial disparities when confronting climate change.

"We're not going to let Donald Trump pick the Democratic nominee for president", Biden added.

"I think we can change the nature of the campaign a bit, make sure that I have the strength to do what I have to do".

The race for the party nomination has tightened sharply since May as Biden dipped in the polls and Warren's support soared.

Biden referenced Trump's past claim that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in NY and get away with it. "When I announced my candidacy", he recalled, "I said I was running in order to restore the soul of America".

Biden campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo told CNN that the video spreads "objectively false information to influence public opinion poisons the public discourse and chips away at our democracy". But he did pledge not to campaign exclusively on Trump's turf.

"I'm not going to be distracted", he said.

While still vice president, Joe Biden had Hunter Biden accompany him on an official trip to China in 2013.

"He spoke with conviction".

Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren vowed on Wednesday to protect minority- and low-income communities from the effects of pollution and climate change, arguing that vulnerable populations had suffered for decades because of federal inaction. She said she is now considering voting for Biden in the Democratic primary. As he hit a crescendo calling for Trump's impeachment, a standing-room-only crowd rose to its feet and roared.

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