Google is reportedly working on a 5G Pixel phone

Google exploited homeless black people to develop the Pixel 4’s facial recognition AI

Google Pixel 4 5G may join Pixel 4a launch

But there's more. Along with this, unnamed sources told the Nikkei Asian Review Google "will unveil two new 4G Pixel smartphones, as expected, and possibly a new smart watch and notebook too". The sources didn't pin down release timing - the phone will either be announced alongside the regular Pixel 4 and 4 XL next week or in Spring 2020 with "a budget Pixel phone" (presumably the Pixel 4a).

Google could launch a 5G-ready variant of the Pixel 4 alongside the standard model, according to Japanese news website Nikkei Asian Review. However, it never materialised, despite evidence that Google was working on a smartwatch. As Pixel phones are known for their camera prowess there have been several leaks regarding the new photo-taking features on the phone including Astrophotography.

The Pixel Watch, if it launches, will be running Wear OS and likely be advertised as an accessory for the Pixel 4, alongside a pair of rumoured new Pixel Buds.

No details were shared in terms of specs, and the device wasn't referred to as the Pixel Watch, but it would make sense for Google to call it this way as all of its hardware products recently are tied to the Pixel branding.

Last year, there were rumours that Google would introduce its first smartwatch, but that clearly did not happen as such a device was nowhere to be found at 2018 Made by Google event. The launch event will be held in New York City on October 15th so not long before we find out. Google will trump Apple and become the first American tech giant to further the 5G connectivity agenda. With Apple not releasing a 5G smartphone this year Google is looking to one up them with a 5G smartphone. Then again, a 5G phone is only useful if you have access to a 5G network.

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