England stars slam Bulgarian fans over racist acts

England stars slam Bulgarian fans over racist acts

England stars slam Bulgarian fans over racist acts

But this was an altogether different kind of psychological test in front of a hostile crowd in which Nazi salutes were also performed.

UEFA, in close cooperation with the FARE network (Football Against Racism Europe), instituted the three-stage protocol for identifying and tackling racist behaviour during games.

The monkey chants and Nazi salutes from black-clad Bulgaria fans shocked many of those who watched the match with England in Sofia on Monday night, but they weren't perhaps entirely surprising.

He tweeted his condemnation of the behaviour of some of the fans, saying it was "unacceptable" that Bulgaria, which he described as "one of the most tolerant countries in the world", should be associated with racism.

The fallout has already begun.

The match was halted twice, and on Tuesday the president of the BFU, Borislav Mihaylov, resigned after being told to quit by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov.

'Just before half-time we were contemplating coming off the pitch because that was the next step after a stadium announcement but there were a couple of minutes to go to half-time.

But if football wants to eradicate the racism which is bringing shame on the sport, what UEFA does next will have the biggest impact on effecting change.

A public announcement in line with UEFA rules was made during the break, warning that the game would be halted completely unless the racist abuse stopped.

"I didn't hear anything in the second half".

Seemingly unfazed by the ugly scenes, England won 6-0 but the result was nearly the last thing on the England players' minds after the match.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin called on the "football family" and governments to "wage war on the racists" after England players became the latest targets for sickening abuse.

He said: "I know whatever we do might be perceived as not being enough and, frankly, we were in an impossible situation to get it right to the satisfaction of everybody".

Mings, a 26-year-old black footballer who chose England, rather than Barbados, for his global career, came under a shower of vile racist abuse, including monkey chants, on his debut for the Three Lions in Sofia.

I am proud of how we dealt with it and took the appropriate steps.

Bulgaria manager Krasimir Balakov, centre, with England player Kieran Trippier during their UEFA qualifier on Sunday that was marred by racist chants from Bulgarian fans.

"As a starting point, I suggest all competition organisers make rules which contemplate banning people declared guilty of racism at a football match from football stadiums. FIFA can make these bans apply all over the world", he concluded.

England chose to continue playing and the game was quickly resumed after both pauses. "I think a red light is going on across the country", he said. Governments too need to do more in this area.

In a statement following the game, the English Football Association said that the English players were subjected to "abhorrent racist chanting", and called the behaviour of the Bulgarian fans "unacceptable".

Bulgaria captain Ivelin Popov was seen talking with a section of Bulgaria supporters at half-time, with his actions drawing praise from England forward Marcus Rashford.

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