Climate change protestor's lecture on inside plane delays London to Dublin flight

Extinction Rebellion protests

Police form a cordon around protesters in Whitehall

Climate change protesters who've disrupted major capital cities this week should be invoiced for the cost of the police response, the federal government has said. "They declare climate emergency and do nothing about it", he said, according to Sky News.

"Actually, that was a reckless, stupid and unsafe thing to do for all concerned".

He can then be heard shouting "Shut the airport down".

The year-old group backed by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg is spearheading a two-week global action that kicked off Monday with partial shutdowns of traffic in cities stretching from Sydney to NY.

Passengers on the CityJet aircraft, operating under a lease arrangement as Aer Lingus Flight 283, left the plane at the request of the captain before being allowed to board again, the spokesman said.

The activists are attempting a three-day "Hong Kong-style occupation of the terminal building" to highlight what they claim is the "incompatibility" of the east London airport's planned expansion with meeting the Government's legally binding commitment to cut emissions to net-zero by 2050.

'We can't carry on with life, with business as usual, ' she said.

On Thursday, 18,000 passengers were due to arrive or depart from the airport, with 286 flights scheduled.

'We continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police to ensure the safe operation of the airport, which remains fully open and operational'.

The environmental protests have been taking place in cities around the world.

In a separate incident, BBC Newsnight political editor Nicholas Watt tweeted that his flight from London to Dublin had been grounded after a protester stood up to deliver a lecture on climate change just as it was to take off.

"As of 9.15am, there have been over 60 flights which have either arrived or departed".

Elsewhere at the airport, activists continued to cause disruption outside the terminal, as several sat down on the zebra crossing, blocking traffic going in and out of the passenger drop-off zone.

"If you want to protest, you can go to the middle of Trafalgar Square", Dick said.

London police reported making more than 1,000 arrests over four days of protests by the group Extinction Rebellion, which have been staging a global effort stretching from Sydney to NY.

Police said that they had arrested one person on a flight on the runway with a number of people arrested outside the airport, without specifying how many.

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