British Safety Council calls on employers to safeguard their workforce's mental health

Cornwall marches for Mental Health Awareness

Participants of the Mental Health Awareness Walk make their way along Montreal Rd. on Tuesday

"Everyone at some point in their life is likely to experience some sort of mental health issue and we just want people to know they're not alone and there are services here".

More than half (56 per cent) of all respondents and 55 per cent in Canada said they believe they'd be more productive at work if there were better supports within the workplace for mental-health issues. Such a report would include: a statement from the individual accountable for the plan, priorities for the next period, data from staff surveys or "mood tracker" results, sickness absence data, engagement in mental health activities or take-up of support, or mental health disclosure rates within the organisation.

On the eve of World Mental Health Day on Thursday, October 10, the British Safety Council is calling on the government and businesses to invest in prevention to tackle mental ill-health at work.

However, the stigma around mental health exists and makes sure that those in need of help do not seek it, which is why it becomes more important to create an inclusive and open environment.

A Calgary shopping mall is putting itself right in the centre of a mental health awareness campaign.

Furthermore, the Office for Natonal Statistics (ONS) also found that people working in the trades are at a higher risk of suicide by as much as 1.6 times the national average. "I could have mental health challenges related to mild depression, mild anxiety all the way to an illness and symptoms that impede my life to the extent that I might need to be in hospital", she said. The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, which was implemented previous year directs every insurer offering health insurance products to cater to policyholders with mental illnesses the same way they cater to physical illnesses or injuries.

"The worst case is that someone struggling with their mental health could consider suicide".

In the West Midlands region 24 per cent of those who experienced signs of poor mental health waited at least six months before getting help and 74 per cent of those regretted not acting sooner.

I often meet Patients and Clients who are so afraid of being judged that they keep on suffering for many years but never develop the courage to tell anyone about it. That fear is clearly visible from their body language, asking again if their issues will be kept secret and not disclosed to anyone, including their families. The Philippines with the help of the country's leading mental health advocates has already reached significant milestones including the passing of Republic Act 11036 otherwise known as the "Mental Health Act" along with the formulation of its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Unfortunately, we have a premier who has done more damage to mental health initiatives and efforts to reduce stigma than any other Ontario premier in recent memory.

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