Beacon of HOPE Wellness Committee: Breast cancer awareness month

Fitness Facts: Breast cancer awareness

DENSO And NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion Matt Smith Go Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

"We are diagnosing more breast cancer because of the access patients now have for screenings", Sciullo said, noting that developments via research and new technology have made making a diagnosis in the early stages possible. The medical costs of people with cancer are high, and cancer is the second leading cause of long-term disability.

Men get breast cancer, too.

Dr Karugu will be the ambassador for the campaign promoting mammography screening in the fight against breast cancer. Treatment for cancer patients will also be supported with the money donated.

Early detection is the key.

"Breast cancer is not rare".

EMS Chief John McCarthy states, as paramedics, we see the ravaging toll cancer has on a person and nearly everyone is touched somewhere in their lives with a family member or friend who has suffered with the unforgiving disease.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant disease of women.

Based on diagnostic test type, the global breast cancer screening tests market can be segmented into blood marker tests, imaging test, genetic test, and immunohistochemistry test. Imaging test is the most commonly used test for the screening of breast cancer.

According to the CDC, methods to reduce the risks of breast cancer include eating a healthy diet, exercise and limiting alcohol consumption. Grants were also given to researchers who are developing new therapies for breast cancer including aggressive subtypes such as triple negative breast cancer, investigating drug resistance, and addressing health disparities in breast cancer outcomes among specific communities. Thirty-four years later, it is still a topic on the forefront of women's health.

Donations can be made to honor a mother, sister, friend or other special person. But did you know that for some women it's not so easy?

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