Baghdadi's aide was key to his capture: Iraqi intelligence sources

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The Council on American Islamic Relations says the death marks the latest defeat of the once-powerful group, "The leader of Isis, a terrorist organization, the passing away is a celebration for any community, especially the Muslim community. US Special Operations Forces executed a risky and daring nighttime raid in northwestern Syria and accomplished their mission in grand style", Trump said.

Cornered, Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest, killing himself, his children and injuring the "beautiful" and "talented" dog, Trump said.

"He reached the end of the tunnel, as our dogs chased him down".

'The European nations have been a tremendous disappointment because I personally called, but my people called a lot, ' Trump said at the White House. Baghdadi died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering, crying and screaming, Trump said. He also thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq for their support. "We could have given it to them, they could have trials, they could have done whatever they wanted".

The commander of Syria's Kurdish forces says his group's intelligence unit carried out a joint operation with US troops in northern Syria hours, after the killing of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, targeting his right-hand man and IS spokesman.

Al-Baghdadi was a "nasty and brutal loner" and he had been the right person to lead IS during the period of so-called caliphate building, Barton said.

Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi left behind a horrific trail of beheadings, mass executions, rapes, abductions and ethnic cleansing in his five years as the self-proclaimed "caliph" of Iraq and Syria.

"We should continue to pressure ISIS by reestablishing our alliance with Kurdish forces in Syria". Trump referred to Burr as "a great gentleman" and Graham "a very strong hawk" who agrees with what we're doing now.

American military convoy stops near the town of Tel Tamr, north Syria, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. The mission, dubbed Operation Impact, was later extended to Syria.

"They will hit Syria, the chaos of Iraq, Europe and definitely the United States", the regional official told Newsweek.

"I am grateful to our president and courageous troops for finding Al-Baghdadi", said Diane Foley, whose son James was among the victims.

Al-Baghdadi's death is going to weaken IS, said Guido Steinberg, an expert on the Middle East at the German Institute for worldwide and Security Affairs (SWP).

Michael Downing, the former head of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau for the Los Angeles Police Department who has studied ISIS' organizational structure, says there's already a heightened risk of blowback from ISIS as a result of al-Baghdadi's death.

In turn, Orhan Gafarli, a political scientist and PhD candidate in global relations at Ankara University, said there's been no confirmation of this news from Daesh.

"I don't think anything would have stopped him from getting this guy", he said. The structure of this organisation is very ideological and there are leaders in two types, "religious scholars" and political and army leadership. The administration is saying it did not alert Democratic leaders fearing there would be leaks to the news media that could jeopardize the operation.

Gafarli also noted that in order to fight Daesh, it's not enough to kill its leaders - the fight against the terrorist ideology is equally important.

Baghdadi's body was "mutilated by the blasts", so USA forces had to use a DNA test onsite to confirm his identity.

The helicopters had to fly for approximately one hour and 10 minutes in both directions, while the operation on the ground took about two hours, he added. He added: "That's where they want to go, they want to go back to their homes". The war crimes committed by United States imperialism in the Middle East far eclipse the atrocities carried out by ISIS, which were merely one of their poisonous byproducts.

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