Andy Rubin tweets photos of shapely new Essential phone

Essential Project GEM

Andy Rubin tweets photos of shapely new Essential phone

Essential founder and former co-founder of Android, Andy Rubin has teased the new design of the phone which, at first, looks experimental but is not as insane as those foldable ones. The first one they created also had a flashy design, which included a sea green phone with gold accents and is known by the name Ocean Depths. Due to a different form factor, the smartphone features a new UI with widgets and cards for apps. A version of what loks like Google Maps appears usable on the screen, but one would have to ask about other apps designed without such care for useful responsive layout on left-field screen aspect ratios.

The project revolves around a phone that looks extremely lovely but is radically different, in both shape and size, from any device you may have seen before. There's also the possibility of a fingerprint scanner at the back and an LED flash for the camera.

Now, Essential has confirmed that it is indeed working on this device, posting a series of photos on Twitter as well.

It is clear from the Official Twitter account of Essential which confirms the company's new phone is in the testing phase, adding that: "We've been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile".

The original Essential Phone didn't live past its first model, yet that model is still getting Android updates to this day. Still, Essential will probably move forward with GEM because Andy Rubin is paying the bills. GEM also has a "colorshift" material on the back, several examples of which are shown in Rubin's tweets. The device is unlike any Android device in the market today.

If you're anxious that non-foldable smartphone design has gotten stale and familiar in recent years, you may find Essential's next Android handset to be right up your alley. However, there's no news about the phone's launch date and the design of the lastest Essential phone 2 is yet to be finalized.

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