20 new moons found around Saturn, presently the solar system's 'moon king'

Saturn declared most moonfluential planet after follower count reaches 82

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"The discovering was introduced by the Worldwide Astronomical Union" s Minor Planet Heart, cited USA Right now. "There's so many of these moons now, there's nearly guaranteed to be one of these moons somewhere near where the spacecraft enters the Jupiter or Saturn environment".

One of the newly discovered moons orbits in the prograde direction and has an inclination near 36 degrees, which is similar to those in the Gallic group, although it is much farther away from Saturn than any other prograde moons.

"Using some of the largest telescopes in the world, we are now completing the inventory of small moons around the giant planets", said Sheppard. Scientists believe that Saturn may have another hundred small moons. With this discovery Saturn has bagged the title of having the most moons in the solar system under its belt.

Twenty new moons have been found around Saturn, giving the ringed planet a total of 82. Researchers believe the moons are the fragments of at least three larger ones, which were broken apart by collisions, according to the BBC.

Seventeen of them orbit the planet backwards, or in a retrograde course, that means their motion is reverse of the planet's rotation round its axis. The other three orbit in the same direction Saturn spins, as is typically the case. These include 82 of Saturn, 79 of Jupiter, 79 of Uranus, 14 of Neptune, 5 of Pluto, two of Mars and one of Earth's moon.is. Transits play an important role in astronomy and can be used to study the orbits of planets and their atmospheres, both in our solar system and in others.

When asked why it took so long to find these new moons, Sheppard said it's because they're so dim. This Moon has an orbital period of more than three Earth years.

The jury is still out on whether any planets beyond our solar system have even more moons. Saturn's moons are named for mythological giants, and which mythology depends on which group the moon belongs to. The 17 moons in a retrograde orbit joined the Nordic group, which already had 29 objects.

"Saturn is the moon king", Sheppard said on October 9 in an email interview.

The new moons are still unnamed.

Just previous year, Sheppard found 12 new moons around Jupiter. All name submissions for this group must be giants from Inuit mythology.

Fifty-three of Saturn's moons are confirmed and named, while 29 are awaiting confirmation "of discovery and official naming", according to NASA.

Inuit mythology: "Two of the newly stumbled on prograde moons fit real into a group of outer moons with inclinations of about 46 degrees called the Inuit group".

The contest is open until December 6.

There was a group of first-year students from the MBA faculty, some students from Business Administration and Computer Science."I was pretty excited about tonight, as I kind of love that stuff to lookup close to the Moon and the planets", described one of the students from the Computer Science program.

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