U.S. vaping illness count jumps to 805, deaths rise to 12

An explosion of pulmonary illness cases some of them fatal is apparently linked to tainted vaping refill cartridges bought on the black market

First vaping deaths in Florida and Georgia bring nationwide total to 11

Of those 805 cases, there have been 12 fatalities.

A specific cause of the outbreak remains unknown, but all reported cases of lung injury have a history of e-cigarette use or vaping.

A form of vaping-linked deaths have been confirmed in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota and Oregon.

The health department issued an advisory to doctors earlier this month asking them to report cases of severe lung disease with a history of e-cigarette use.

The CDC hasn't identified a common product or ingredient responsible for the illnesses. "Agency subject matter experts will continue to lead the CDC response with enhanced support from additional CDC and EOC staff".

State public health officials have received 61 of possible vaping-related illnesses in MA. "Compared to just two years ago, we've seen a 70% increase of e-cigarette use just among adolescents".

The OSDH said preliminary data indicates that more than 25 percent of all high school students in Oklahoma now use electronic vapor products.

In the past three weeks, India and the U.S. state of MA have banned the sale of e-cigarettes.

On Tuesday, Gov. Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and banned the sale of all vaping products in MA for four months. On Wednesday, the Georgia Department of Public Health also reported one death. In June, San Francisco became the first USA city to effectively ban all e-cigarette sales.

Nationally, the FDA is working on a policy that would require all flavors other than tobacco to be taken off the market and then have to be approved before trying to return.

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