Tesla V10.0 software update adds Smart Summon, Netflix/YouTube, Spotify, karaoke and more

Tesla new software update V10 brings many new features

Tesla new software update V10 brings many new features

For customers with Full Self-Driving Capability or Enhanced Autopilot, Smart Summon can bring a driver's auto to them from its parking spot, assuming the person is located in the car's line of sight.

What just happened? If you're a Tesla driver who feels your vehicle simply doesn't have enough distractions as is, then we've got some good news for you today: as part of the 10th major version of the Model S, 3, and X's infotainment software, the cars will now have access to Spotify Premium, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, as well as several other new features. Tesla owners can now also summon their auto from parking, do karaoke, and use Spotify from their vehicles.

In addition to video, Tesla is expanding it's music and audio platform so you can play music and podcasts straight from your Spotify Premium account, something Tesla says was one of the most requested features by owners.

Smart Summon obviously takes things much, much further, building on an earlier beta iteration dubbed Enhanced Summon and allowing the auto to accelerate, brake, and steer all on its own while on its way from parking spot to owner. Additionally, all customers will have access to Tesla tutorial videos to learn more about their vehicle.

A lot of the features were actually leaked early via a lucky "Early Access Program" (EAP) participant, although that first leak left out one of the biggest additions to the newest V10 upgrade - Smart Summon.

In addition to videos, the software update brings a new karaoke feature that Tesla calls "Car-aoke.' As expected, the feature offers song lyrics alongside a 'massive" music library in multiple languages for singing while in the vehicle. "Customers can check it out for themselves at Tesla showrooms in the U.S". In testing, we've been taken to hole-in-the-wall restaurants, gourmet meals, national parks, city landmarks and more.

If you love singing along to your favorite songs, Tesla is also rolling out "Caraoke", an in-car karaoke system that works pretty much how you'd expect.

Maps Enhancement: Search results in maps will be sorted based on distance to each destination; users can also tap on highlighted points of interest, businesses or search results in the larger map view to see business ratings, start a phone call, or begin navigating to the location.

Cuphead, Studio MDHR's popular run-and-gun action game, is now available in the Tesla Arcade.

Now Sentry Mode video clips are stored in a separate folder on the user's USB drive and older clips are automatically deleted if the drive is low on space.

"Joe Mode": This feature lowers the cabin volume for select alerts such as parking chimes (for example, for when passengers are sleeping in the rear seats).

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