Switch Lite Pros And Cons: Why Should You Get Nintendo’s New Console?

Nintendo Switch Lite

Switch Lite gets an official case in Japan

The regular switch screen is already small enough. The design is more comfortable for portable gaming than the Switch, while boasting the same performance.

Nintendo created the Switch Lite console for the sole goal of bringing some Switch love to people who can not afford the full-spec Switch.

The compact and lighter device feels better than its predecessor and generally is less clunky. If you're short on cash, the Nintendo Switch Lite is definitely a good option for you. It is not simply a smaller Switch model. Now, the gaming giant is set to release another gaming machine designed for handheld portable play: the Switch Lite. Keep an eye out for our full review in the coming weeks to know for sure if the Switch Lite is everything it promises. It also has a longer base battery life compared to the older Switch version, which means players can enjoy playing their games on the go for longer. The console has been revealed to be priced at RM949 by Maxsoft and will be available starting from the 20th of September. Instead the Switch Lite has integrated controls (much like the 3DS) and doesn't come with an HDMI cable or dock. As a handheld console, it is superior to the original Nintendo Switch, and it features a D-pad in lieu of the four separate directional buttons on the Joy-Cons.

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