Parents Upset Over Controversial Palm Beach County School Quiz Question Regarding Trump

A screen grab shows Watson B. Duncan Middle School's president quiz on Quizlet

Florida teacher reassigned after quiz question refers to Trump as an 'idiot'

After the student told his father about this test question, the dad contacted school administrators about it.

Seeing as all four presidents listed here could easily be defined as idiots, the only correct answer is "Donald Trump", since he's the only one who is the 45th president, he took office in 2017, he is in fact a Republican, and was (arguably still is) a real estate businessman. 'Going to raise some hell with the principal. "Indoctrination will not continue", said Cary. (See word "idiot" at the end of our presidents multiple choice answer). The parent posted it on social media and it went viral.

"Hello Duncan Middle School Parents, this is Principal Philip D'Amico".

D'Amico said the question was "demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher".

The quiz was given during a computer applications class, according to a statement from the School District of Palm Beach County. Because this is an open inquiry, I am not at liberty to share any additional details with you at this point.

It's not clear if the teacher actually wrote the offensive question.

The question has since been removed from the quiz, the station reported.

The teacher is now awaiting an investigation, but remains employed by the school.

The outraged parent continued in an interview with WPTV: 'I don't believe opinions belong in the classroom whether religion, politics, ethnic background, any of those things.

In his letter addressed to the parents, D'Amico announced that an investigation was being conducted into the matter, adding that the teacher had since been reassigned temporarily.

The quiz appears to have been published on Quizlet, an online service that allows students to study information using flashcards, quizzes, games and other learning tools.

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